"Hola, mucho gusto.

I'm Laura and I'm a little loco for ice cream."

Here's the scoop:

I grew up in Puerto Rico where frozen confections are a favorite treat given the constant tropical weather year round. We are a culture that loves piraguas (snow cones), limbers (ice cups) and tropical fruit sorbets and ice creams. One of my favorite family traditions growing up was to visit a famous ice cream shop that made the wackiest flavors. This was my first exposure to unconventional ice cream flavors like corn, avocado, jelly roll, rice, red bean and other tropical fruits more typically used for juices.

At the beginning of 2015, after having my third child, I was really keen on making dramatic lifestyle changes to get healthier, have more energy and feel more fit. In keeping with the clean eating approach I found myself making a lot more homemade, plant based treats for myself and my family. 
My absolute favorite treat is ice cream, but due to a dairy intolerance that developed later in life, I had been off of ice cream for quite sometime. I truly missed the novelty and the unique experience I had enjoyed so much in the past.
Out of pure impulse I decided to get an ice cream maker so I could make my own and began by just following dairy free ice cream recipes that I found online. My enthusiasm grew and I found myself tweaking, experimenting and obsessively testing ways to get traditional and unique ice cream flavors...but using only plant based, natural ingredients. 

wild mylk vegan ice cream

Through a bit of research I discovered that there was a growing trend in handcrafted ice cream, especially the kind pushing the boundaries out there in terms of flavors, but not so many that catered to those looking for a dairy free, plant based alternative...and not ANY in Hong Kong!

Around the fall of 2015 I wanted to share my ice cream and get feedback on what I was making. The response was so positive that it didn't take much for me to decide to pursue it as a business. 

wild mylk vegan ice cream

I founded Wild Mylk and took it to the public for the first time in March of 2016. This micro enterprise has had the opportunity to spread the vegan ice cream love through fairs, markets, catering , school visits, corporate events and event sponsorship's. I have been pursuing consistency, adventure and premium quality in the ice cream and also founded a sister company, IT*S DOUGHPE. I see a future were desserts are naughty but nice...truly a new tradition of fun and decadence. I think we can all enjoy and appreciate food made with kinder plant based ingredients. I want WILD MYLK and IT*S DOUGHPE to be a part of this movement. I hope to meet you and be able to cross paths so you can enjoy them too!

Cheers xx

wild mylk vegan ice cream