wild mylk ice cream veganWild Mylk ice cream is NOT imported or from pre-made mixes. Our plant based treats are made from scratch using natural ingredients, churned and frozen in small batches. Our unique dairy free ice cream base is made using a blend of organic sprouted cashew milk (cashews and purified water) and pure coconut milk that contains no unnecessary additives or preservatives. 

Wild Mylk ice creams contain little to no refined sugars. The majority of our flavors will be sweetened with natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, coconut sugar, molasses, evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, etc. Our inclusions will be made from scratch or outsourced, and also use unrefined sweeteners whenever possible. 

Nutrition Facts

wild mylk ice cream vegan

Due to the variety, seasonality, and handmade nature of the ice cream, we can't provide nutritional information for every flavor. You may get a good sense of our ice cream's nutritional information by looking at the profile of our vanilla ice cream:
What's in a pint (473ml)?
Serving Size: 125ml  Calories per serving: 250  Calories from fat: 170
Servings per container: 4
Protein 3g / Total Carbohydrate 17g / Sugars 14g / Fat 19g / Sat Fat 12g / Trans Fat 0 / Cholesterol 0g / Sodium 210mg
Ingredients: Wild Mylk's sprouted cashew milk (organic cashews, purified water), pure coconut milk, organic evaporated cane juice, organic coconut oil, pure vanilla extract, pure vanilla bean paste, sunflower lecithin (non-gmo), sea salt, pure guar gum


Our ice cream will explore limitless flavor profiles to keep you guessing. Expect your ice cream pints to creatively combine ingredients like chocolate, coffee, teas, infusions, essential and cold pressed oils, herbs, spices, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, nut butters, seeds, artisan candies, baked goods, grains and cereals, craft beer, wine, spirits...the sky is the limit!


Our eclectic treats are made with no nonsense ingredients that we trust and are familiar with. Ingredients are sourced locally and abroad, seasonal and organic whenever possible and are of trusted quality.

We believe in connecting with local food artisans, farmers and vendors that take pride in their craft and pledge for integrity in the making or sourcing of their product, as well. We will strive to cultivate community and work in tandem with people who are as passionate for real food as much as we are!