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July 2016: Peach Iced Tea and Choccy Mint

Choccy Mint ice cream The perfect combination of luxuriously rich chocolate with fresh and light organic mint extract. This ice cream flavor is paired best with dinner and a movie at home. %100 PLANT BASED. SOY FREE. GLUTEN FREE*. REFINED SUGAR FREE. LOW GLY. CONTAINS NUTS. Peach Iced Tea ice cream A tall glass of icy, cold, refreshing iced tea is basically a summer staple in many parts of the world. We gave ours an upgrade and flavor it with some fresh peach puree.  %100 PLANT BASED. SOY FREE. GLUTEN FREE*. REFINED SUGAR FREE. LOW GLY. CONTAINS NUTS.

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June 2016: Lemon Cheesecake and Coconut Pandan

Lemon Cheesecake ice cream Infused with freshly grated lemon zest this tart, bright flavor is paired with a gently sweetened graham pie crust crumble. Coconut Pandan ice cream Rich and creamy coconut is sure to take you on trip to the tropics with every bite. We pair it with a pandan leaf syrup to add a unique fragrance that is equally exotic.     

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May 2016: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream

Vanilla ice cream loaded with unbaked chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, all vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free to boot! "I'll never forget the first time I walked to my local bodega to buy my very first pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. My boyfriend (now husband) and I were living and working in New York City. We found a studio apartment in Brooklyn and commuted into Manhattan every day during the week. Friday's and the weekend were about chilling and just hanging out in the neighborhood. Dinner and a movie meant staying in, cooking and renting a DVD from a local shop (this was before Netflix and iTV people). We wanted to eat ice cream during...

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